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Jamie Fessenden

Jamie Fessenden is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, where he received a B.A. in Music Theory. He wrote his first screenplay while taking a screenwriting course at the university, and scored two independent films by his brother, Bret Fessenden, including Bret's feature-length film, "The Axman". He is currently working on the score for another of Bret's films, "The Attack of the Atomic Eye Creature".

"The Sacrifice" was Jamie's first directorial project, and he is currently working on its sequel, "The Resurrection". He also directed the short "Packing", which premiered at the Eerie Horror Fest in October 2006, and has a sci-fi short called "For A Small Fee" in pre-production. He intends to produce one of his short screenplays about werewolves in about a year, and is currently working on a short about vampires in Maine. In the meantime, he has directed four commercials for Billy Baraw and Greg Murphy, soon to be featured on their dating site www.straightcruizin.com.

"Boundaries of Attraction" was Jamie's first foray into romantic drama, based upon several episodes from his own life and the lives of friends. He has also filmed a short drama with the working title "Blind Date", and premiered the rough cut at a recent gathering. A final cut for this film will be out sometime this Fall.