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Robert Kersey ("Ty")

Robert Kersey ("Ty")grew up in New Hampshire. He got his start in the performing arts in high school through joining the school's drama club. Although he never performed on stage, he got his start in film through Dunkirk Studios. His debut film The Sacrifice is also Dunkirk Studios' debut film as a production company. He has worked with them tirelessly ever since.

With the fire of acting lit underneath him, Rob has also worked hard as an extra in such films as "27 Dresses", "The Great Debaters", "My Best Friend's Girl", and countless other big budget films. Still preferring local, independent film work, Rob has also gone to work for Richard Griffen in "Beyond the Dunwich Horror".

He is proud to still be working for Dunkirk Studios and hopes to continue grinding out quality films with them. He enjoys reading and spending time with his friends, family and his future wife, Anna Dumas.